Creating an Invoice

Creating invoices is quick and easy! The best way to ensure that the invoices you create reflect the proper appointment date is to create them through the calendar. Here's how!

Create the Invoice

  1. Click to the Appointments page
  2. Click the appointment for the patient that you need to invoice 
  3. Click the Add payment button
  4. Fill out the invoice details

    Because you're entering this invoice directly from the appointment, many of the details will already be pre-populated, such as appointment date and type, patient, cost, and practitioner. If you need to add a discount or another billable item, now is the time to do it.

    Here's a breakdown of the fields on the invoice:
    1. Issue date: This is the date that the invoice is being issued.
    2. Business: This is the location of where the appointment took place.
    3. Patient: The name of the patient!
    4. Practitioner: The name of the practitioner.
    5. Appointment: the date, time, and name of the appointment.
    6. Invoice to: the details that have already been provided in the "Invoice to" field when editing the patient or client's details (note: if the "Invoice to" field is blank in the patient or client's details page, the "Invoice to" box on the invoice will pull in their name and address).
    7. Extra patient info: you can include any extra details here, like referring doctor details, Medicare numbers, etc.
    8. Item details: this is where you'll include the billable item that's associated with the invoice, the price of that item, the quantity, and a discount (if applicable). You're able to add additional billable items or products to the invoice by clicking the "Add billable item" or "Add product" buttons.
    9. Notes: if you need to write comments or instructions, you can include them in the "Notes" field. (If you've already entered text into the "Default notes" field in Settings → Invoice Settings, this text will be pulled in and added to the notes on the invoice you're creating.)
  5. Click the Create Invoice button.

Once an invoice has been created, only a user with the role of Bookkeeper, Power Receptionist, or Administrator will be able to edit or delete it.

Paying the invoice

Follow these steps if your patient is paying off the invoice at the time of creating it.  If you are instead simply emailing or printing the invoice, click Skip Payment at the bottom of the page.

  1. Enter a Payment Source
    Enter the payment amount in the applicable field (i.e. HICAPS, credit card, EFTPOS, etc.).
  2. Apply the payment

    After you enter the amount owed in the "Payment Source" fields, you'll see that it will apply to the open invoice. If there are multiple open invoices, Cliniko will apply the payment to the oldest one.

    You can change any of these allocations now.

  3. Click Save Payment

You can now email or print off the invoice!

You may also want to know how to create a Pre-Paid system for Patients who pay in blocks before their Appointments. You can find out how to do that right here!


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  • Avatar
    Roger Giddings

    The button on the appointment mini screen says Record Payment

    Surely this is create Invoice - 

    Doesn't this need 2 buttons, create invoice and pay later (insurance companies etc) and the other Pay Now ( create invoice but paid by card, cash etc of todays date.??

  • Avatar
    Bart Lewis

    Hi Roger,

    Thanks for this. This is one of our smart buttons. If you click this button it allows you to create an invoice then takes you to the payment screen which you have the option to skip. If you skip the payment then go back you will notice the button then becomes a "Record Payment" button.

    Hope this helps.



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