How to Set Up Online Bookings

What are Patient Online Bookings?

Patient online bookings gives you the ability to let your patients book in for appointments online.  Cliniko provides you with a unique bookings page that you can direct your patients to, embed in your website, or even put on your Facebook page. Any patient can then use the online bookings, new or existing.  It’s really simple for your patients, they don't even need to log in or anything like that.

Here's a quick video that gives you an overview of how it all works:

Set up your locations.

  1. Go to Settings

  2. Click on Business Information

  3. Edit a business you want to display in Online bookings
  4. Make sure the Show this business in Online Bookings box is checked

    Your business address must be fully filled before you enable Online Bookings.
  5. Repeat for each location you want to offer in Online Bookings

Set up your users

  1. Go to SettingsUsers and Practitioners

  2. Select a practitioner
  3. Make sure the Show this practitioner is online bookings box is checked
  4. Repeat for each user you want to appear in Online Bookings

Set up the services

All appointments types have Online Bookings turned on by default. If you want all services to show in online bookings you can skip this step. 

  1. Go to SettingsAppointment Types

  2. Select an appointment type
  3. Verify the Show in online bookings box is checked
  4. Repeat for each service you want to offer in Online Bookings 

Turn on Online Bookings

  1. Go to SettingsOnline Bookings

  2. Check Turn on online bookings

  3. Upload a logo

    While a logo is optional, it is a good idea to have one.  However if your bookings page is embedded, we will hide the logo.

Online Booking options

The default options work for most clinics so you can safely skip this section.

  1. Select the number of appointments you want to show per day segment. This controls the amount of open blocks your patients are shown when booking an appointment. An example below, when set to unlimited.
  2. Minimum notice for cancellations. This is the minimum amount of time in advance that a patient can book an appointment online. 
  3. Booking notifications.  This option allows you to send an SMS or Email (or both) to the practitioner when a patient books an appointment online.
    SMS notifications require SMS credits and you will be charged one credit for each notification.
    We use the information in Settings → Users and Practitioners to determine the destination of the notifications
  4. Show prices. This will display the price of services to your patients.

    This requires two additional steps for the prices to show.
    In Settings → Billable Items, you must have your prices listed.

    In Settings → Appointment Types, you must have a related billable item assigned.
  5. Show appointment duration. This allows you to show or hide the appointment end time from you patient.
  6. Require address of patient. This option requires a full address to be filled out on the contact form. Otherwise we just require name, email, mobile number, and date of birth.
  7. Time selction info. This information shows up under the calendar selection box.

    Will end up looking like this:
  8. Terms of use. These are terms that a patient must agree to when booking an online appointment. 

    This is what it will look like on your bookings page:

How do I put Online Bookings on my website?

You have a couple options.

  • You can create a simple link or button on your website with "Book Online Now" or similar text. If you're not familiar with how to do so, your website developer can assist with this.
  • You can "embed" Online Bookings into your website so your patients can book without leaving your website. Read our guide on Embedding patient online bookings in your website for instructions.
  • You can even hook up our Online Bookings portal to your Facebook site! Read our guide on setting up a Facebook button.
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