Embedding Patient Online Bookings in Your Website

If you want to embed Patient Online Bookings on your website, we have this handy code snippet for you:

<iframe src="https://your-account.cliniko.com/bookings?embedded=true" frameborder="0" scrolling="auto" width="100%" height="1000"></iframe>

  1. Have your web designer paste this snippet into your site where you want Online Bookings to appear.
  2. Swap the your-account section of the src attribute for your account name.

The iframe will import online bookings from Cliniko directly into a frame in your site. You may wish to tweak the height of the iframe to reduce the amount of scrolling that occurs in the frame.

Note: Those of you who have already embedded Patient Online Bookings on your site or have set up iframes in the past, please note that ?embedded=true needs be included after the usual online bookings url in the iframe src attribute. This will ensure that the dark background and company logo will be stripped out so that it will work better in a content area of your website.

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    Dr Mike Black

    With many modalities and businesses now in our clinic, I find that the online bookings can look confusing and cumbersome to a client. It would be terrific if there was a way to embed bookings and prices for only one modality on that modality's website. Alternately a way of hiding other businesses and fees.

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    Gauri Yardi Naturopath

    Hi, I would like to second Dr Mike Black's comment.

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    Maria Mitchell

    Agreed!! I know I asked some time ago for the ability to pass parameters to Cliniko from the website, so that depending on which page or option is selected I can pass business, service, appointment type, practitioner to Cliniko so a user is taken directly to selecting a date and time after entering their details. This would solve many issues for us, and any client will prefer less clicks to making a booking.

    Is this being considered? When can we expect to have this feature?

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    Blake Hampson

    @DrMikeBlakc is there a Feature Request for this? If not, please create it so we can all vote it up. https://support.cliniko.com/hc/communities/public/topics/200218170-Community-Feature-Requests-Voting

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