How to Export iPhone Contacts for Use in Cliniko

This guide will focus on exporting contacts from your iPhone using iCloud. Once you have them from iCloud you can import them into Mac Contacts, Outlook, or Google contacts and from there get them ready for import into Cliniko. We have guides to cover all of these possibilities.

Go to 

Sign In using your Apple ID.


Click on Contacts


Select the contacts you want to export or press CMD-A (CTRL-A on PC) to select all.


Once you have selected you contacts, click the small gear at the bottom left of the screen.


Click Export vCard


The vCard download will start immediately and be sent to your default download directory.

You now have a file that can be imported into Outlook, Mac Contacts or Google Contacts, once you have done that you can use one of our guides to export them for use in Cliniko.


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