What Do All Those Little Symbols Mean on the Appointment Block?

What do all those little symbols mean on the appointment block?

If you are new to Cliniko or even if you have been using it a while you will probably have noticed a bunch of little symbols on the appointment block. This guide is a key to those symbols.

Patient/Client Symbols

user.png - Patient/Client arrived.

user_dna.png - Patient/Client did not arrive.

page_white_text.png - Patient/Client has an appointment note.

online.png - Patient/Client booked through online bookings.

Invoice Symbols

money_dollar_red.png - Invoice created but not paid in full.

money_dollar_black.png - Invoice created and paid in full.

Treatment Note Symbols

treatment_note_small_draft.png - Treatment note created and in draft status.

treatment_note_small.png - Treatment note created and finalized. 

SMS/Email Reminder Symbols

tick_small.png - Reminder sent.

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    H Rose


    I love this feature as do our practitioners. But, is there a way to make them slightly larger as they sometimes can be difficult to differentiate between?



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    Emily Gable

    Hi there! Thanks for the feedback! There's a lot to fit into the calendar as it currently displays, which is part of the reason that these symbols are on the smaller side! I'll pass what you said along, though! :) Thanks again!

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    Andrew Darcey

    I agree! It's really hard to see the symbols.

    Also, is there any way of making a note appear in the tab without having to click on the appointment?

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