Creating a New Location on Your Calendar

You can have an unlimited number of locations on your Cliniko account, no matter which plan you're on. Setting up locations is super easy. Each location will have its own appointment calendar, and the reports (Invoices, payments, expenses) are per location. Keep in mind, however, that patients will be shared among all locations.

  1. Head to the Settings page
  2. Select Business information
  3. Click the Add business button

  4. Fill in your business information
    Keep in mind that if you plan to include this location in your online bookings, you'll need to have all information filled out.
  5. Don't forget to click Create business!

To view your different locations on the calendar

On the Appointments page, select your location using the drop-down menu

And you're all set!


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  • Avatar
    Ed Pratt

    Is there a way to see multiple locations at the same time? Although working in multiple locations I quite often refer patients between my clinics, it would be really useful if there was an option to "Display All" and see all appointments at all clinics.

  • Avatar
    Selena Nunn

    We also would need the "display all"  for all the different locations and maybe a separate option to display all practitioners to easily transfer patients between clinics,,, I can not see how we can transfer over to cliniko without this option, as we have multiple locations daily.

  • Avatar
    Leanne Vickery

    Can you use this function for different rooms in one location eg massage room, consult room, counselling room?

  • Avatar
    Jim Sadusky

    That probably wouldn't work Leanne. Once you've booked one practitioner into a room, there won't be a way to automatically stop other practitioners from booking in the same room at the same time. Also (and more importantly) there's not going to be a way to see where a practitioner is at any given time.
    We'd love to have a "Room view" in Cliniko, but it's not likely going to be available any time soon.

  • Avatar

    I agree with the above. Having the ability to see one practitioner over all locations is almost more important than separating the businesses. The location box at the top should add practitioners!

  • Avatar
    Jim Sadusky

    I agree too BlueBoy, but it's a pretty big shift from how the calendar works at the moment - so as cool as that would be, it's not likely going to be something we do in the near future.

  • Avatar
    ricci kelly

    As reports (Invoices, payments, expenses) are per location is it possible please to also have a logo per location?
    Also any updates on seeing multiple locations simultaneously?

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