Color Coding Your Appointments

Cliniko gives you the ability to colour code your appointment types! This makes it easy to determine what kinds of appointments you have booked just by glancing at your calendar. 

  1. Click on Settings → Appointment Types
  2. Click on an existing appointment type, or add a new one.
  3. Scroll to the color wheel - pick a color, any color!
  4. Press the Update appointment type button at the bottom, and you're all set!


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    Jamie Brocklehurst

    Would it be possible to add the option to pick colours using RGB values?

    We have several appointment types (of varying duration) that use the same colour, and it's next to impossible to pick the exact same colour for these using the colour wheel.

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    Bora Ismen

    I came up with a hack for this, I might create a Google Chrome browser snippet if I got some free time this week. I'll paste it here if I do.

    The software is so awesome but compared to some other clinic management software out there it lacks a few simple things such as this.

    It's sad

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    I second Jamie's comment. Colour Selection. A minor thing but useful, would be able to use web colour codes (e.g. hexadecimal) as well as a colour wheel for things like setting the colour of appointment types, and any other settable colour elements in Cliniko. I’m trying to get two appointment types to be the same colour, but very fiddly with a colour wheel alone - and would be much easier to just copy and paste the appropriate code. I know this is possibly not a major issue for many users, but would be very handy for me and shouldn’t be hard to implement

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    Douglas Stoddard

    Agree. Need to be able to pick preselected colours to replicate if needed.

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