Creating an Appointment

Creating a new appointment is easy and takes only a few clicks!

  1. Click on the Appointments tab 
  2. Find the date you wish to book the appointment for (you can use the arrows to toggle between months, and the blue circle will indicate the selected date)
  3. Click on the desired time slot (in the desired practitioner's column)
  4. Choose a patient, and check all of the fields in the New appointment box
  5. Click Create appointment

And that's all there is to it!

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    Lorcan O'Donaile

    How do I book an appointment in for a new patient?

    When I try it the "new appointment" window gets too large and I cant find the Create appointment button. I dont want to have to register every patient before they have their first appt

    in case they never show.

    many thanks

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    Joel Friedlaender

    Hi Lorcan,

    Sorry this comment got missed!

    I'm sure you have it sorted by now, but for others, you just need to scroll down.  You can use your arrow keys (up/down) to achieve this.


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    Kelly Glanz

    Hi Joel.

    I trust all is well.

    I wonder if it is at all possible for your programmers to streamline the create appointment dialogue box so that there is no need to scroll down to hit the save button.

    My receptionists have lost information on numerous occasions because of having to scroll down.

    We have a large clinic here and things can get very busy for them and at times the internet connection may be too slow so it becomes tedious having to scroll further down screen for them.

    Please let us know if this is possible.

    Thank you

    Kind Regards

    Dr K.Glanz


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    Bart Lewis

    Hi Kelly!

    We are planning to do just that. Our designer Kelly is planning to go through every screen in Cliniko and make it better and more compact. 



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    Glen Martin

    It would be handy to be able to change the default 'appointment type'.  We have 'Standard Appointment' and 'New Patient' setup but when booking in a patient it always defaults to the 'New Patient', you then have to scroll down and change to 'Standard Consultation' for most of your bookings.  Can't find anywhere in the settings how to make one or another the 'default' type???

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    Glen Martin

    I finally found out how to do this… It's in the Cliniko User details. Never would have thought it would be in there.  It should be in the Settings under Appointment Type.  Michelle

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    Lorraine Herity

    Hi There,

    Any chance you could add a 'Penciled in Appointment" tab? At the moment patients pencil in appointments - but i can't see a button for this?? Any advice, please? Cheers, Lorraine

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