Power Receptionist (Security Role)

Power Receptionist

The power receptionist security role is designed for users that need to do many of the reception orientated tasks such as maintaining the appointment schedule, invoicing patients, and receipting payments. It will also give them the tools necessary to help administor the system. Generalising a bit, they are like the administrator but are unable to see patient medical information or maintain users accounts.

Permitted actions

Power receptionists have all the permissions that a receptionist has, as well as:


Can update and delete all Messages


Can delete Patients

Patient Attachment

Can update and delete Patient Attachments


View Letters (you can configure Cliniko to allow them to view all letters, by default they only see their own)

Create Letters (their own)

Edit Letters (their own)


Can update and delete Invoices


Can update and delete Payments


Can delete Products


Can delete Contacts


Can view, update and delete all Expenses


View Payment Summary Report

View Expenses Report

View Fancy Reports


Can import Patients, Contacts and Products

Manage Account General Settings 

Manage Appointment Reminders

Manage Appointment Types

Manage Billable Items

Manage Businesses

Manage Online Bookings

Manage Concession Types 

Manage Documents & Printing

Manage Integrations

Manage Letter Templates

Manage Payment Types

Manage SMS Settings

Manage Subsctiption

Manage Taxes

Manage Treatment Note Templates

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