Bookkeeper (Security Role)


The bookkeeper security role is designed for users that can manage financial information within the system.

Permitted actions

Announcement Messages

View Announcement Messages

Create Announcement Messages

Modify their own Announcement Messages

Delete their own Announcement Messages

Message Comments

View Message Comments

Create Message Comments

Delete their own Message Comments

User Information (email address, password, contact details)

View their own User Information

Modify their own User Information


Manage all aspects of Expenses


Manage all aspects of Invoices


Manage all aspects of Payments


Manage all aspects of Products


View Daily Payments Report

View Payment Summary Report

View Outstanding Invoices Report

View Expenses Report

View Practice Revenue Report

View Practitioner Revenue Reports

Data Exports

Can export Products

Can export Invoices

Can export Payments

Can export Expenses


Manage setting up of Billable Items

Manage setting up of Payment Types

Manage setting up of Taxes

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    Is there any way that bookeepers could be given access to view & edit any contacts that are designated '3rd party payers'?  Bookeepers may need to chase 3rd party payers to chase payment of invoices and I like to keep contact information in one place only so that it only has to be updated once.   Also, if they could view basic patient info, like name, email address, phone number, address so that they can contact them if needed to chase payments, etc that would be great.

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