Browsing with Tabs

Today's browsers let us multi-task better than ever before with tabs.  You can have multiple tabs open to different websites and quickly hop between them to get the information you need.  But do you use tabs effectively?


You can quickly and easily do this by holding the Ctrl key (or CMD if you're a Mac user) and then clicking on a link.  Instead of directing you away from the page, it will open your new page as a separate tab.  Now you can keep your place within your website, but have your link loaded up in the background.

Still note sure how useful this could be?  Let's look at a list of patient invoices.  We want to print off all of them separately:


Without tabbed browsing, you would click on one, wait for it to load, click on print, wait for the PDF to load, then print.  Then go back to the patient's file, find the next one, click print (hope that you haven't doubled up) only to go back again... 

Using tabs, just hold the Ctrl key, and click on each invoice.  You'll then have a tab open for each invoice, which you can now print, then close the tab! 

There are countless other places within Cliniko and other websites/web apps where this could be useful, such as creating invoices for patients on the "Missed Appointments" report, or booking appointments for patients found on the "Patient's without upcoming appointments" report, or printing a list of treatment notes.

Where else have you found Tabs handy?

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