Set Your Business Name in Email From

When you email a patient, you want them to know the email is from you, and not spam.  This tip will help your emails look less "Spammy".

Within your General Settings there is a field to indicate where your outbound email comes from.  By default, if you add an email address here, your patient's email program will display who it's from any way it wants to.  So let's use the example

I've set up my Cliniko Settings to look like this:

When I email my patient an invoice, it's going to look like this:


or even worse, this:



Now if I change my settings to include a prefix on the email (feel free to copy/paste this line, and edit it!)

Healthy Times <>


so that my settings now look like this:

My patients will now see this:



You can of course, replace the clinic name with your name, or just about anything you want.  Just make sure you place < > around your actual email address.

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    Dr Cristina Rodes

    Love your work! I am über impressed with the speed of your ticket response!

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    James Love


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    Thanks, have made the change, that looks really great.

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    Claire Jackson

    Thanks for this info. Really helpful.

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    Boyan OsteoPalma

    This is great! But I've had to contact support for this. Why don't you simply add this example as an extra line underneath "Patients may reply to this address, so it is recommended to use the same that you use for enquiries."? :) This way every clinic will get it right from the beginning. Just a suggestion.

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