How to Use Cliniko on a Mobile Device

Cliniko is truly cloud-based, so you won't find anything in the Apple, Google, or Windows app-store for Cliniko.  So how do you get your account on your mobile device then?

From a tablet, like the iPad or Nexus 7.

If you're using a tablet (iPad, Android or Windows devices) you'll just want to log into Cliniko the same way you do on a desktop. No special version needed.  Just open your web-browser, and then navigate your way to your login page.  

Don't know your login page? It is typically, but you can also find your login page from 

If you have an iPad, check out how to add Cliniko to your iPad

From a smartphone, like the iPhone or Galaxy S4.

If you're looking to use Cliniko on your smart phone. Cliniko has a special mobile version just for smartphones.  

If you have an iPhone you can add Cliniko to your iPhone

If you have an Android device, add Cliniko to Android

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