SMS Messages Are Not Being Received By My Patients

The purpose of this article is to assist in trouble shooting why SMS messages are not being received by your patients. They are several steps to try so make sure you check each one as any one item can cause your messages to fail.

  1. First check SettingsSMS Settings

  2. Make certain you have sufficient SMS credits. 
  3. Next check SettingsAppointment Reminders

  4. Make certain you have SMS reminders enabled.
  5. Now let's look at SettingsAppointment types

  6. Check if the appointment reminders are turned on. It is very important to check each appointment type to make sure they are set correctly.
  7. On the Patient Details Page (patient tab) make sure SMS is turned on and a valid mobile number is in place.

If all of the steps outlined above all look correct, please send the Communication ID number of the Communication log entry to Cliniko support ( so we can investigate further. The Communication ID number is at the top of the Communication itself (accessible via the Communications log), like this:

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