Can I Export My Data?

Cliniko makes it REALLY easy to get your data out.  Built right into the Cliniko interface are some simple tools that will let you export any of your databases with a simple click of a button.

  1. Go to the Settings page
  2. Select Data Exports in Data & docs

  3. Select the type of file you wish to generate, and a date range, use "anytime" to "anytime" to get all of your records.
  4. Wait for the file to generate

    Keep in mind that you won't need to stay on this page while the export generates - so if you're making a large file, feel free to navigate somewhere else while you wait.
  5. Click Download


The file will be in CSV format, so lots of other software programs can read the information.  You can also open the file in Excel to report on the data any way you want.  This export is just a snapshot "copy" of your database, so any changes you make to it won't actually affect Cliniko in any way.

This also means that, in the unfortunate circumstance that you need to cancel your Cliniko account, you can easily retrieve all of your data.  We wouldn't want you to go, but you can feel secure that your data belongs to you.

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    We run quickbooks for our accounting, and had a bookkeeper look at this. We found that we could not specify dates, so that each month we could only export the month we need to reconcile. The program only allowed us to export the entire information. Would be great to have this option, to make the exporting simple.


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    Jim Sadusky

    Once you have the file in Excel, you could use a sort on the date range and then delete all of the date outside of the range you need.

    I agree that we could make this easier for your bookkeeper, though I don't think the export is the right place for it.  It would be much better to create a pre-defined report to show exactly what you're after.

    Thanks for the feedback!

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    Stephen Blacktop

    Hello Jim,

    I am more than happy to work with you to develop  reports or export file layouts suitable for MYOB and Quickbooks bookkeeping requirements.

    I am an MYOB & Quickbooks Consultant with many years experience.


    Stephen Blacktop

    Business Learning Centre Pty Ltd



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    Jim Sadusky

    Hey Stephen, I only just saw your post now!  Sorry!

    I'd love to know a bit more on what is necessary to import into MYOB or quickbooks.  Can you send me an email at ?

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    Jani Gamble

    I'm trying to export data in order to create reports (specifically on new patients that book during a specified month).  From the settings/data export page, I am choosing the "Appointments" report and specifying the data range as the last calendar month (March 2015).  It's creating a data file, but it's filtering it some way that I can't determine.  I am expecting is to give me a list of all appointments during the month of March.  It's definitely not that.  We book approximately 50 appts/day and it's giving me in the range of 4-6 per day.It's also not limited to just March it extends out to 2017.  Help?

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    Jim Sadusky

    Hey Jani, sorry for the confusion!  Those date filters are based on the date the information was created, not the date of the appointment. Once you have the data exported, you can filter it by the start date of the appointment to get what you're after.

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    Hanan Samieh

    Hey Jim,
    I don't have a "settings" on the list to the left. is there something wrong with my account

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