How Do I Delete My Patient's Account Credit?

Cliniko will apply any unallocated payments as Account Credit on the patient's record.  This is really useful if the patient is paying for multiple appointment up front (as seen here: or is given credit to go towards products purchased in the future.

Sometimes you may assign a credit by mistake to a patient, and removing it can seem a bit tricky.  All you really need to do though, is find the unallocated payment the credit came from.

  1. Go to the patient's details page by Selecting a patient
  2. Select Payments

  3. Choose a payment

    Each payment has it's own allocation, and an account credit is created when a payment has no allocation.  So we want to investigate each of the payments until we find an unallocated payment.
  4. Check this payment's allocations
  5. Repeat step 3 and 4 until you find a payment which is not allocated

Now depending on what you want to do with the credit, you can either edit the payment to apply it to an invoice or reduce the payment amount, or you can delete it outright. 

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