Maintenance - Sunday 18th January 2015 at 8pm AEDT

We will be having scheduled maintenance this Sunday 18th January 2015 at 8pm AEDT. The maintenance will be for 6 hours, Cliniko will be unavailable during this time.

We try to keep scheduled maintenance to a minimum, particularly any of this duration. The reason for this maintenance is that we are upgrading our infrastructure that hosts the main database for Cliniko.

This change will provide us with better performance from our database (and therefore from Cliniko) and most importantly we are also implementing a big security improvement which we'll provide more details on this shortly.

Once the maintenance is completed, we'll let you know via Facebook, Twitter and our forums.

To help out, we've listed the start times for the maintenance in various regions:

  • Auckland, New Zealand: Sunday 18th January, 10:00pm
  • Melbourne, Australia: Sunday 18th January, 8:00pm
  • Cairo, Egypt: Sunday 18th January, 11:00am
  • Johannesburg, South Africa: Sunday 18th January, 11:00am
  • London, United Kingdom: Sunday 18th January, 9:00am
  • New York, United States: Sunday 18th January, 4:00am
  • Vancouver, Canada: Sunday 18th January, 1:00am

We're sorry for any inconvenience this causes, however it's a step towards making Cliniko even better, so we're sure it's worth it.


Edit: Added Cairo local time.

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    Could you please add the times for Cairo, Egypt.

    Is it available to announce such very important issues on the cliniko dashboard as a welcome screen, with the times for each user according to their regions. So all users know about the maintenance process.

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    Matthew Jones

    Hi Azza El-Azhary,

    I've added the Cairo local time to the list.



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    Thank you

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    Asim Shehzad


    Was there any other way to inform broader audience about this ?

    If I have not checked Support page, I would not have known this is happening.

    I think a better way is to email the account holder. Helps a lot.

    We are probably one of your biggest subscribers, and we exist in WA. No mention of WA in the timings.




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    Jim Sadusky

    Hey Asim,

    This was sent via email a bit after this announcement last night.  Glad you caught it though!

    WA is 3 hours behind us in Melbourne - so it will fall at 5 PM Sunday the 18th for you.

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    Joel Friedlaender

    This maintenance has been completed, thanks for your understanding.

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