Telstra Bigpond connectivity issue

Hi All,

Our Australian customers that use Telstra Bigpond as their internet provider have been experiencing issues connecting to Cliniko.

We now have a workaround that those customers can use to access Cliniko while we wait for Telstra to fix it.

If you're experiencing the trouble with Telstra Bigpond (and only if you are). Please access your Cliniko via (where subdomain is your subdomain used for Cliniko).

So if you're normally, you'll now be (with the backup added in).

This will be a little slower than the normal Cliniko system, but should be MUCH better than the issues with Telstra.

We will remove this version of Cliniko once the Telstra issues are fixed, and we'll let you all know of course.

This is another install of Cliniko with parts in Australia to work around the issue, but it connects to your data as normal. So you'll access everything like usual, and everything you do will be saved as usual.

Please do let us know if this helps you, we'd appreciate confirmation that it solves the problem.



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    Richard Pearce

    Cliniko working fine with subdomain addition at 2 locations - ringwood and warrandyte

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    Stuart Williams

    Has this issue now been fixed?

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    Miriam Raleigh

    Is this issue now resolved? I have been having problems logging in to Cliniko since Friday (3 days now) when trying to log in from a Telstra connection. I didn't have any problems in October though and have had no problems logging in on other providers.

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    Seems to be much better today than yesterday - 4 of 5 computers at our clinic could log in - today all of the computers seem to be fine, and it's loading quite quickly.

    thanks for the updates

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