Explanation of Cliniko Downtime on Mon 13 Oct 2014 6:30 - 7:00 AEST

In preparation for the new wait list, we made changes to Cliniko's database on Mon 13 Oct starting at 6:30 AEST. It had an unexpected impact that caused Cliniko to be down for 30 minutes.

In preparation for new features, we deploy database changes before the code. Adding new tables does not affect the availability of Cliniko. However, making a change to a table with a lot of records, like the appointments table, takes a long time.

An early version of wait list required a change to the appointments table. In the version that you will be using soon, this change is not required. While deploying the wait list changes, this change was applied and then removed. Upon realizing what we'd done, we decided it was best to allow the changes to finish since canceling the update could have left the table in an unfinished state.

We didn't expect this change to be noticeable. We're sorry for the mistake and the unplanned downtime.

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