SMS reminders issue for Australian customers (9th June - 11th June 2012)

We have had an issue with our Australian provider of SMS messaging over the last 3 days. This has resulted in quite a few SMS messages not being delivered as they should be (this only affects our Australian customers). The issue has now been resolved but you may find that reminders for tomorrows appointments have not gone out. Sorry for the inconvenience caused by this. The problem has been resolved and is back to normal now.

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    Hi Joel, just to let you know - we have had multiple people say they have been receiving 3 or 4 texts for the same appointment?  Hopefully this stops tomorrow :)

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    Joel Friedlaender

    Hi Tarryn,

    Thanks for letting me know.  I hope it's just an issue with our provider fixing the bug.  Please let me know if it happens again.


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