Yearly Subscriptions now available!

We have just introduced the option of yearly subscriptions and they're CHEAPER!.  This is in addition to our existing monthly plans.

This is currently only available to existing customers, so if you want to switch across and start paying less, please go to Settings > Cliniko Subscription and you can change plans right now.

The yearly plans still have all the flexibility you are used to, you can still change up or down plans as you like.

There has been a change to how we handle plan changing, it now pro-rata credits you for the remaining amount of your current plan and then charges you the full amount for your new plan.  We also change your billing date to give you the full period of your new plan (ie. your next billing date will either be 1 month or 1 year from the time you change).  We think this is fairer and also lets us keep the flexibility of letting you change plans at any time.

If you do change down plans where a credit is issued, this is applied to your Cliniko account and used for future payments.  We do not refund credits back to your credit card.

The new plans look like this in your settings area:


You will need to check in your Cliniko account for all the pricing details.

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