Issue: Australian SMS containing { or } characters - RESOLVED

We have just found that some (not many at all) of our customers experienced issues late last week with SMS messages being rejected if they contained the { or } characters in the messages (not if you use our placeholders that contain those characters, as we swap those out). 

Our SMS provider made a change that was blocking those messages from being sent, this has since been resolved though.

We apologise for the inconvenience this caused some of you but the issue has been resolved.

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    Head2toe Health

    *Phew* Thanks Joel, and here I was thinking it was me! 

    Simone @ Head2Toe

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    Head2toe Health

    OOps just realised how old that post is... but we only had issues last week... but it's all looks like it's been resolved... Thanks :)

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    Jim Sadusky

    Glad things were resolved!

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