Maintenance - 18th November 4pm - 6pm AEST

We will be having a scheduled maintenance for Cliniko this Sunday 18th November 2012. Cliniko will be unavailable from 4pm - 6pm AEST.

If you don't care about what we are getting up to, you can stop reading now.

What does this mean to you?
It means that you won't be able to access Cliniko for 2 hours during that time.

As we have mentioned, we are beginning work on making some big changes to the way Cliniko is hosted to improve availability.

What exactly are we doing?
Glad you asked, actually we are doing two things:

  • We are upgrading the hardware that the Cliniko database has available to it. Specifically we are increasing the cache memory from 3.75GB to 7.5GB (this is a big jump and should improve overall speed).
  • We are launching a second "follower" database in a separate geographical region. This second database will stay in sync with the primary database at all times and be used as a failover if there is every any trouble with the primary database.

Note: We already stream and backup the database logs live. This means we could always rebuild the database at any time in case of failure, but that would result in down time (but no data loss). This follower database means we can bounce back from complete database failure in just minutes.

What is AEST?
AEST is Australian Eastern Standard Time, but to help out, here is when this is scheduled for in a few other time zones:

  • Melbourne, Australia: 18th-Nov @ 4pm
  • Vancouver, Canada: 17th-Nov @ 9pm
  • London, United Kingdom: 18th-Nov @ 5am
  • New York, United States: 18th-Nov @ 12am
  • Auckland, New Zealand: 18th-Nov @ 6pm
  • Johannesburg, South Africa: 18th-Nov @ 7am


Please do let us know if you have any questions.

Thanks for your understanding.


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