New "Medium" Pricing Plan

We received feedback that the jump from our 5 practitioner ($95 p/month) plan to our 12 practitioner ($195 p/month) plan was too big, and some clinics that fit in the middle were being left out.

We have just launched a new Medium plan to help out. This plan allows for up to 8 practitioners, 20GB of storage and is just $145 p/month. For those of you with between 6 - 8 practitioners, you can start saving $50 a month right now.

Existing users can change plans from the Settings > Cliniko Subscription page within Cliniko. The new pricing will begin when you are next billed.


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    Lee Nicholson

    I'd like to see a 2 practitioner option for around $70/month (10GB).

    I can't see myself ever needing the 5 practitioner option, and it seems weird that 2x Solo's would theoretically be the cheaper way to go (granted, only by $5/month.)

    Even better, up the base plan to 2 practitioners/10GB... ;)  Don't punish the little guys.


    Current price per user.

    SOLO - $45/user

    *** TWO Practitioners - $47/user

    *** THREE Practitioners - $32/user

    *** FOUR Practitioners - $24/user

    TEAM - $19/user

    MEDIUM - $18/user

    GROUP - $16/user

    LARGE - $12/user


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    Joel Friedlaender

    Hi Lee,

    I can appreciate your sentiment and it's one that has been brought up a few times lately.  To be very honest, I think the problem with our plans is perceived fairness rather than actual value.

    If for example the solo plan was priced at $70 (which I believe is a good price for what you get), you would probably feel the team plan was pretty good value at just $95 to add up to 4 more users.

    The pricing model was extremely hard to come up with, and I am happy to admit I am not sure we got it right.  Don't misread that though, I think without question that Cliniko is exceptional value for any number of users.  I think having everything that Cliniko has to offer at just $95 p/month for 2 practitioners is crazy value.  It just doesn't feel as good when you know others could have 5 for the same price, and it doesn't feel as good because it is slightly more than double what you pay for 1 practitioner.  

    I am not sure the best way to resolve this, I think the value of Cliniko is really great, it's hard to even know how great because of how our competitors disguise their pricing (upfront costs, hidden fees, charging extra to unlock modules, pay for customer support, pay for data imports, etc.).   With that said, perception matters, and we don't like people feel like they aren't getting a good deal.  As for a resolution, we have literally tried to improve our pricing around 10 times since launching but haven't found a solution we like better than our current one.  We are also now in a position where we can't start from scratch, we have a large and growing customer base and we are committed to never increasing prices on them.  This means if we change our model, we need to make sure every single customer is the same or better off (and they all have varying number of practitioners), this is not an easy task and makes things trickier.

    I guess the summary of all of this is that we aren't going to make any changes right now.  We are confident the value is great for any practice, and for now we are going to stay head down on improving our features and system so that it's even better.  I would think in a few months time we will look at this again, and perhaps have better ideas.


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    Lee Nicholson

    Thanks for your candid reply.

    A few points -

    I do agree that Clinko represents great value for money.  (In fact, your Group and Large plans are probably too cheap, given what you offer!)

    I certainly agree that the Price Per User should decrease with volume sales. And I certainly agree that the Solo plan should have some type of premium (given you offer free support, and the more individual account holders you have - the higher cost of providing this support!)

    It's really only the two user option that seems out of alignment (when you get to 3 practitioners the PPU again seems reasonable... I graphed it  LOL.)

    Disclaimer - I'm a small practice, currently considering getting some help for a few days per week - hence my interest in the two practitioner pricing.  And all of the clinic's that I've been involved in have always had max 3 practitioners (I've practiced mostly regionally.)  Not sure if you see a similar trend (of clinics <3 users) from your data.


    I don't envy you in having to balance the numbers to make things profitable, and "fair" to all.  Gotta be a tough job!  Maybe the solution is to make all the plans except solo dearer ;)

    Did you ever consider a "base price" plus "per user"?  (ie $40/month + $15/user - making a one user plan $55, 2 user $70, 3 user $85 and so on.)




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    Joel Friedlaender

    Base price + user is something that has been looked at.  We liked the idea of keeping things really simple, and also with the set plans it means you don't need to pay more every time you add a practitioner, only if it bumps you over a threshold.

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    Matthew MacGregor

    I agree that cliniko is good value for money but I have to also agree that the two user option is out of alignment!

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    Bob Croft

    This conversation goes back a few years but time it was resurrected - the price structure is quite wrong and irrational for a second practitioner. We are about to put on a second physio and instead of the rate going down it actually goes up??? How can you justify that? It would it be cheaper to have a second account Every other price structure it goes down! You are actually discriminating against small practitioners. Disappointing - and yes your price structures for large practices is too light. Support the small guy and ask for a tiny bit more from the big guys to compensate.

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    Joel Friedlaender

    Hi Bob,

    Thanks for your comment.

    We love small businesses, it's what Cliniko is built for, and the vast majority of our customers are very small clinics.

    Unfortunately, I don't think I can add any more than my comment above, it's still how I feel about it. I agree 2 practitioners isn't right, but I don't have a good way to fix it.

    I also still think Cliniko provides you a lot of value for 2 practitioners at the current price, it just doesn't feel fair, relative to the other plans.

    Sorry I don't have a better answer for you.


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