Added a warning and update help for old browsers

We've added some browser detection to Cliniko in order to assist people in updating their older browser. Having an up to date browser is important for the security of your device, your data, and your clients' data. It also ensures that you will get the best Cliniko experience. We're always adding new features to Cliniko, some of which rely on functionality not available in older browsers. Rather than spend time doing fixes for the small percentage of people using older browsers, we'd like to help them update and use that time to make Cliniko even better.

If you're using an outdated browser or one that we don't recognize, you will see a warning at the top of Cliniko. The warning has a link to more information that is specfic to your device and browser. This will help you get an updated browser.

For example, if you're a few versions behind on Firefox you'll see:

Image 2015-03-09 at 4.01.42 PM.png 

If you're using Chrome on quite an old version of Mac OS X you'll see:

Image 2015-03-09 at 3.59.49 PM.png

If you're using an up to date browser and keep it up to date, you won't see these warnings.

If you need any help getting an up to date browser, please contact us.

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