New sidebar navigation

We've just release a very exciting update to Cliniko's interface, and we can't wait for you to start using it.

We've moved away from the tabs at the top of Cliniko to a side menu (all your same options are still there of course). It now looks like this:



You will also be able to minimise the side menu if you like to see even more of the content you are working with. If you do, it will look like this:



There are a few key reasons why we did this:

  • The biggest reason is to give the content more space. The content might be your appointment calendar, the patients page or whatever you're working on. We want that to have as much room as possible. This new layout does just that. With the shape of most monitors, it makes sense to free up the vertical space in the screen, and a side navigation does this well. You're also able to toggle the size of the navigation so you can have even more room if you want it (see the second image above).
  • Top navigation just isn't great on mobile devices (tablets, etc.), and side navigation will work much better no matter what device you're on.
  • Improved clarity and emphasis on the content. We think the top header and tabbed navigation can detract from the content. Moving the navigation to the side allows the content to be full height, more usable and easier to focus on.

We know this is a big change, and we're also positive it's a great one for Cliniko. Change can be scary though and you've probably built up plenty of muscle memory on where to click things. It will take a bit of time to adjust, but we're sure it's worth it.



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    Looks good guys! Only suggestion would be to make the Calendars a little smaller so they don't take up as much room width wise.

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    Coä Lai

    I have no problem with it. It looks great! Except for one issue..... Now the reports are coming out with the "sidebar" as well when printed...... Is there a way to remove it? It is much neater without the sidebar on printed report.

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    Andrew Hoge


    Usability wise - when I have the minimised menu open would be nice to have the menu item words appear when mousing over (could be a safari thing).  Also when menu is minimised and the full menu does not appear would be nice to have the ".." appear so it is clear there are other menu items not currently displayed (as per web standards I think).  I realise there is a scroll bar but that only appears when I mouse over the menu.  This issue only arises when I have my menu at the bottom open (users menu I assume you call it) but suppose it could happen at any time if you don't have a maximised menu open..

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    Andrew Hoge

    Re my comment above the "minimise" arrow for the menu also disappears with the menu and you need to scroll down to find it - would be work better if it were always present (glued) to the screen?


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    Sam Brennan

    Good update guys - would be good if you could choose where to have the bar. For example I use Cliniko side by side with my emails and i've now lost a day on the diary.  

    Maybe in the future we can have possibly have it on top - thanks!

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    Dr. Derek Lee

    I like.  :)

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    Marie Formisano

    Hi, must say altho a big change not a problem at this stage. Seems good . The minimising is good too. Marie

  • Avatar
    Ian Lawson

    Looks great! Will clear up lots of screen space for those group bookings. ;-)

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