New navigation bug fixes

We've fixed a few bugs with the new navigation:

  • The toggle arrow button to change the width of the navigation was positioned wrongly. It should now stay put.
  • Customers using old legacy browsers such as Safari 5 and IE8 reported that the nav was not appearing at all. The navigation will now be visible, though visually remains basic due to Cliniko offering limited support for these legacy browsers.
  • Customers using Safari 6 reported Cliniko was crashing on login. This was a technical bug in Safari 6 that we have found a way around.
  • Fixed a bug in some legacy browsers where the log in page would simply refresh when attempting to log in.
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    David Birley

    There's no link in the new navigation to this support site?

  • Avatar
    Emily Gable

    Hi David! It's down towards the bottom under your name, right above "My Info" -- here's a screenshot! If you click "Help" it'll bring to you this support forum. Are you not seeing that link in the navigation? Let us know! Thanks! :)

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