Export your data for a specific date range

We are pleased to announce a new feature for data exports in Cliniko! This gives you much more control over what you want to export, allowing you to choose only a subset of records to export based on when they were created.

This is what the new Data Exports screen looks like: 


The row of links has been replaced by a drop-down where you can choose the type of record to export. All record types are still here, including the various types of treatment note:


Next is a pair of date fields for choosing the subset of records you wish to export:


When you click the "Export Data" button, Cliniko will export only the records created in the time period you defined. If you want to define an open-ended time period ("all records before this date" or "all records starting from this date"), you can click the "Any time" button pictured above to clear the corresponding field. Clearing both fields will export all records on your account, just like before.

Once a data export has been generated, you'll be able to see which dates it covers on the table. The name of the generated file will also include these dates.

We hope this improvement makes exporting data faster and more convenient for you!

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