Easier recalls

We've just made some improvements to the Patients without upcoming appointments report to make it easier for you to do your recalls.

1. We've added a filter so you can specify a range that their last appointment was in.  For example, only show patients without an upcoming appointment where their last appointment was between 6 and 7 months ago.

2. We've added the patients address details to the report.  This is useful if you're sending physical letters out to them.  Just copy/paste the table into a spreadsheet program and you'll be able to mail merge for your letters or labels.

Head over to the reports tab and have a look!


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    Hi guys,

    Hi Guys,

    Getting this error in Firefox:


    Oh no! Something has gone wrong.

    We've been notified about this issue and will look into it.

    You can your "back" button to get out of here.

    Running OK in Chrome.


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    Clinton Beeken

    Hey Owen,

    Thanks for the heads up! It might just be some teething issues with the launch of the changes.

    When more of the team log in soon, we'll investigate and make sure that 500 error doesn't occur for you in the future.


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    Yelena Deshko

    Still, showing error message, I'm using chrome. 

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    Ian Gard

    Looking forward to this feature.. however it is also showing the same error on ours as well...

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    Joel Friedlaender

    We just released an update to improve performance of this report.  Please let us know if you still have trouble with it.

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    Yelena Deshko

    Still doesn't see to be working for me

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    Marie Formisano

    Hi, Didn't bother advising yesterday that wasn't working but still showing error today on Chrome. looking forward to using new set up . Marie

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    Ian Gard

    No difference... still getting same error...

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    Tomo Vaughan

    Hey guys,

    Nice update, but I have noticed that although I change the date parameters to include the current month, only November will show on the report. where as if i choose say March to October the report is complete. Can we fix this little bug so i can pull reports up to date which is larger than only 1 month. Cheers!

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    Joel Friedlaender

    Hi All,

    We think we've got the performance issues with this report sorted now.  Could you please try again and let me know how you go.

    Sorry for the trouble with this, it made the report a lot heavier than we expected.


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    Joel Friedlaender

    Hi Tomo,

    I'm not sure I understand completely, you can do a range larger than a month.  The dates you select are for when their last appointment is.

    Could you provide a bit more info please so I can help more.


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    Vellore Chiropractic & Wellness Centre

    This is great! Could we PLEASE have the same functionality in the "outstanding invoices" report? Even just that one update would make a big difference, but the major help would be to have a list of PATIENTS with outstanding invoices, not a list of invoices themselves. I end up printing out 424 invoices on 15 pages with less than 40 different patients with outstanding accounts. It is a huge time waster sorting through that. Not to mention a tree killer. 

    As I said though, even being able to sort by a date range would be helpful because then each month I could simply view the current month's outstanding invoices, and add to a master list if necessary.

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    Tasha Vieira


    Any chance we can narrow this down by Practitioner? 


    Best wishes,


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    Ross Field

    Hi Natasha,

    I absolutely agree with you. A search by practitioner would be ideal. This would allow our admin to send our clinicians their "follow up calls" very efficiently rather than having to individually search a client record who the client / patient saw last.

    This can become a very tedious and time consuming task.




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    I agree Tasha, it would be very handy to be able to sort by practitioner! It take a lot of time to do it manually!

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    This is still not a fully fledged recall system.  It is still the biggest failing of Cliniko.

    I am still using a separate diary to o my recall system in.  Surely it is about time that you designed an integrated system....

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    Phil Marshman

    This would be a very useful report if it could report on certain kinds of appointments. We need a 12 month recall on patients who have recieved orthotics. Could we search for patients who had a certain appointment type within a defined date range? That would be an awesome function!

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    Dear Cliniko

    This text is taken from Practice Pal's website:

    As you see your patients, just click when you want to see them again, and only if they do not make a booking, on or around that time, the recall system will automatically pick them up and remind them via letter, email or text, and will keep doing so for as long as you tell it to.

    An intelligent recall system that takes the burden out of trying to remember who needs to come back and when. This increases your future diary appointments maximising your business potential without overloading clients with mass mail-outs.

    I cannot overstate how helpful this sort of functionality would be in Cliniko!

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