Big improvements to patient referral sources

We've just released a big and much requested improvement to the way you track patient referrals for marketing purposes.

The first thing you'll want to do is set up your referral sources in Settings > Referral Sources.


There's three system referral sources that are in there already and can't be changed.  You can add your own custom ones as well.  The three system ones are:

  • Patient: This is used when the person is referred by another patient.  At the time of using it, you'll be able to specify which patient was the referrer.
  • Contact: This is used when the person is referred by a contact in the system.  At the time of using it, you'll be able to specify which contact was the referrer.
  • Other: Obviously you can use this when it doesn't fit any other category, but importantly all of your existing patient referrals have been set to other. We still keep the type of referral as the comment, more on that later.

When setting up your custom referral sources, you can also add sub-categories for them.


Once that is set up, whenever you are adding or editing a patient, setting the referral source will look like this.


You can see in that case, the referral type was a contact, so we've chosen the contact that was the referrer.  Also you can put extra information in the last field as a comment as needed.

With this better storage of patient referral sources, we've been able to improve the reporting to.  We've renamed "Fancy Reports" to "Marketing" and separated the referral sources into their own report.


You can see the pie chart shows which of your referral sources are the most effective, and the bar chart below will show you the trend over time.

Also of note is in that report we selected "All" referral sources.  You can also choose any of your referral sources to see a further breakdown.  For the report below, we selected patients.


In this report we can see who the top referring patients are, in this case, Larry Bird has been good to us!  Again you can see the trends over time as well.

If we'd selected one of our referral sources that had sub-categories, we would see that breakdown there.

Lastly, if we selected "Other", it would show the breakdown based on your comments in the "Extra Information" field.  This is there mostly for backwards compatibility so you can still report on your previous information entered before these changes.

We're really excited to have this change released in Cliniko and we're very appreciative of all the feedback we received that helped us to design it.


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    Marie Formisano

    Hi,Freaked when I saw the format .Luckily went to Help Screen and got the good news. Should be good . Just have to get used to it . Look Forward to the new reports. others were a bit messy.



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    Waters Family Chiro

    Took a few hours to go through the database and re-enter all of the referral sources under the new categories - but it is well worth it! Thanks guys :)

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    Andrew Hoge

    This is a really, really, big step forward.  Awesome work!!  Now if we can just have a system to show what referrals a client has made on the client screen??   Give 'em an inch...

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    Shirley Moiler

    Hi we have used this as a marketing tool for the past few years . Now when we look at our stats they have disappeared is there any way of getting this back . 

  • Avatar
    Joel Friedlaender

    @Shirley, If you go to the report, and under the heading, choose "Showing OTHER referral sources", you'll see all your old stats (and a new chart with the those stats too).

    @Andrew, I've put it on my todos.  I'm not sure how soon though.

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    Is it also possible to produce a list based report for referrals by referral source rather than just the charts?  We currently have 74 under "Other" which appear to have been entered incorrectly by our practitioners but as there is no way to list the patients under that referral source there is no way to identify these 74/1448 patients.

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    Just re-read some of the comments - so anyone that had a referral source under the text entry now has a referral source of "Other" with no way to easily identify these patients other than clicking on each individual patient record?

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    Clare Balogh

    Great improvement for a stats addict like myself.  Slowly working through our database.  We have a lot of word of mouth referrals ... great for us, however we also use the archive feature to clean up our patient list on a 3 monthly basis.  Is there anyway that you can make archived patients available to look up as a referral source  The only way I have found to work around this at the moment is to open another tab, find the patient, make the patient active, go back to the original patient, select the word of mouth referrer, then go back to the referrers profile and make them archived again!  Painful!


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    bill mclaren


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    Michelle McAviney

    Hi. Very pretty. But we like to thank our referrers for sending us a patient. Is there any way to export this report as a list? With contact details would be amazing.

    Also, it would be good to see (or drill down to) the names of the referrals. 

    And like Clare, I'd like to see Archived patients in this list too. Or at least have the option to include them.

    Thanks :-)

  • Avatar
    Stuart Hart

    Hi guys,

    Fab upgrade as always.

    Would it be possible to do a list report of all clients that have been referred by a specific marketing source (such as Bupa) or by concession type?

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    Is there any way to add the EXTRA INFORMATION details into the report? For example. I can choose a GP, add field for his practice, but then I want his name also. I know I can go through Contact but this doesn't put all same Dr's of a practice together.
    I would also like to be able to expand a report with actual details of the patients from this report.

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    Jim Sadusky

    Referral sources - which this release note is referring to - is more designed for marketing purposes than handling your doctor referrals. I would like to see some tools in place to better track which patients were referred by which doctor/clinic, but that's going to be a completely separate feature.

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