Improvements to Xero integration when synchronizing past payments

Hot on the heels of last weeks release of Xero improvements when syncing past invoices, we noticed an issue in some cases where the payments associated with those invoices were hitting Xero API limits when they were being synced.  This release addresses this issue allowing payments to gradually make there way to Xero without running into Xero limits.

If you have run into issues with syncing previous invoices and/or payments, please follow these steps to run another sync:

As always, we are committed to making our Xero integration the best it can be!  We would love to hear your feedback, and if you're able to help us out a little bit, it would be much appreciated if you'd write a nice review over on the Xero Addon Review page:

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    David Peyton

    Superb. Thanks guys

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    Melanie Roberts

    Hi team,

    Currently when account credit is used to pay an invoice raised in Cliniko it does not reflect this in Xero. It creates the invoice in Xero but appears outstanding and we have to go into xero and place a credit note against the invoice otherwise it appears unpaid.

    It would be good if when account credit is used to pay the invoice in cliniko this was pushed across to Xero.



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    Bart Lewis

    HI Mel! This is something we want to address and is on Michael's "todo" list. Thanks! Bart

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