Power Receptionists now (correctly) can't view practice revenue reports

We recently became aware of a bug that was allowing Power Receptionists to mistakenly view all revenue reports.  We have now corrected that bug and removed Power Receptionist's access to Practice and Practitioner Revenue reports.

To clarify, Power Receptionists were never intended to view revenue reports, and the fact they could was a mistake.  For all the details on the various security roles, check out our Security Role Permissions Matrix

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    Laura Saul

    It would be good to allow Power Receptionists to be able to view patient letters- I often need the receptionist to view and print recent letters and at present have no other option but to upgrade her to administrator.

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    Emily Gable

    Hey Laura! Power receptionists can view letters if they are the ones that have created them ... but, it sounds like in your case, you're creating the letters and simply need your receptionist to print them, if I am correct? While we created the Power Receptionist role based on feedback from our customers (i.e. permissions that were a little more "powerful" than a the regular Receptionist role), by no means are the current permissions are set in stone forever! As we continue to develop Cliniko, we want to be able to meet various needs as they relate to user roles -- including the ability for a clinic to grant their users exactly what they need to do their job, by allowing more "custom" roles, as every clinic has slightly different needs. This would greatly affect the software, so we're taking it slow to ensure that we do it the right way! With all this being said, my hope is that at some point, you can grant your Power Receptionists the permissions to view letters -- but I'm not totally sure when this would be. Do keep an eye on the forums, though! You can subscribe to the Updates and Changes forum (if you're not already!) to be notified immediately when new features and changes are released! Thanks again for the suggestion!

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    Agree with the letter option!!!

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