Improvements to cancellation link

We just released a couple of small improvements to the cancellation link you can include in your appointment confirmation emails:

  1. It's now really a link, for all email clients.  Previously some would show it as text that needed to be copy/pasted into the browser.
  2. It's now not a big long ugly link.  Instead it will say "Cancel appointment".
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    Hi Joel,

    When the appointment is cancelled - and they state 'feeling worse' or 'feeling better' where does this information go?

    Can it not be a notification on the dashboard if someone changes their appointment?



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    Clinton Beeken

    Hey Lisa,

    All that information will be found in the Missed Appointments report in the Reports tab.

    You can also set up each practitioner to receive an email or SMS whenever a cancellation occurs, which will have that information in it:

    I hope that helps!


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    F johns

    Why would you call it "Cancel appointment", when they can re-schedule as well?

    Currently our bookings emails says this: Cancel or re-schedule your next appointment online  Cancel appointment

    Surely you would call it "cancel / re-schedule" or something other than just  Cancel appointment????


    This would just confuse patients?

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    Joel Friedlaender

    The reschedule option isn't always there (depending on settings for online bookings, practitioners, appointment types, etc.), so we wanted to keep it generic to work for all cases.

    Could you reword your email to something like:

    You can cancel or re-schedule your appointment online by clicking here: Cancel appointment

    Otherwise I'm open to other suggestions for wording, but we can't use reschedule.

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    F johns

    Nice! I just re-worded it and then you re-worded it again, i prefer yours :) Cheers mr!

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