Patient File Attachment Exports

We've just released another new feature for you! Now you can easily export all of your patient file attachments, this is great for your own backups or if you crazily decide to stop using Cliniko at some point.  We did previously offer this of course, but it was something we did manually on request.

We've promised it's always going to be easy to get your data out of Cliniko, we feel this was an important change to stay true to that promise.

Exporting your patient file attachments

1. Head over to Settings -> Data Exports

2. On the data exports screen, click Patient Attachments.

Note: This data export can take quite a while if you have a lot of files.


3. Once the file is generated, click on it to download to your computer. It may take a while depending on how large the file is.

4. The Patient Attachments zip file will contain a folder for each patient and look like this.




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