Fixed an issue with SMS character count/credits

We found an issue where the character count and estimated number of credits for SMS messages could be wrong.  This would occur if you are using carriage returns (pressing the enter/return key) in your messages.

The Cliniko interface was counting these as a single character used, however when we went to deduct credits behind the scenes, they were being counted as 4 characters.  This meant that if you used carriage returns, and your messages were close to 160 characters, we could have charged you an extra credit for the message.

We have now fixed this so we correctly treat carriage returns as 2 characters (that's what our SMS providers treat them as).

Unfortunately we have no way to know who was affected by this.  We had a instance that someone advised us where more credits were used for a Bulk SMS than they expected, which prompted us to find this bug.  If you believe this is something that has affected you, please let us know at and we'll investigate.

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