Practitioners can now receive notifications of cancelled appointments.

Practitioners can now be notified of appointment cancellations!  You can choose to be notified by either SMS or email, and how far in advance you want to know about cancellations. The notifications will go out for all appointments cancelled regardless if they are booked through online bookings or within Cliniko. If you are practitioner and cancel your own appointment you will not receive a notification. We hope this makes it easier to be aware of last minute changes to your schedule! 

This feature is off by default. To turn on appointment cancellation notifications follow the steps below.

1. Click on your name in the upper right hand corner then click "My Info"


2. Select your preferred communication method. You can choose from email, SMS, or, SMS and email.

Note: SMS notifications require SMS credits and will be charged at the rate of 1 credit per message.


3. Select the number of days in advance you want to be notified about the cancellation or select anytime to be notified about all cancellations.

4. Click Save changes at the bottom.


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  • Avatar
    Ian Lawson

    Is this for all appointment cancellations or just those done online by the patient?

  • Avatar
    Sunil Mulay

    Great job!

    Does this apply to appointments cancelled by a receptionist also?

    Well Done.



  • Avatar
    Bart Lewis

    @Ian, @Sunil. All appointments no matter the source. If you cancel your own appointment you will not get a notification. I have updated the document above to make it more clear. Thanks!

  • Avatar

    Not sure what I am doing wrong. Have tried to test this twice in last 10 minutes and no email arriving. I take it the email would go to the email listed in "my info"?

  • Avatar
    Bart Lewis

    @Graham, Did you happen to cancel an appointment booked against yourself? If so, you will not get an email. Now if a receptionist cancels the appointment for you then the email should arrive. Hope this helps! Thanks, Bart

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