Add Google Analytics to your Patient Online Booking

You can now add Google Analytics to your Patient Online Booking.  This is great for your marketing efforts if you're using Online Bookings.

We've written a handy guide to describe it more and help you set it up.

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    F johns

    WE LOVE THIS!!! Thank you so much for adding this.... PERFECT :)

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    F johns

    I have 4 UA numbers and we have 4 sites, does this cause a problem as I think it would only be able to track one?

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    @F Johns, if I understand correctly this should not cause any problems. (It is a standard Google Analytics setup.)

    By following the instructions in the handy guide you would create a new "UA number" for your Online Bookings page, which would be treated as its own site. This would not cause issues for any of your other sites.

    Is this what you meant? Or could you elaborate a bit on what you mean? 


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