New account statement page and email to patient

We're introducing the ability to email account statements from Cliniko. In order to add this, we've given account statements its own page. To reach this page, you'll find a new "Account Statement" button on the patient details page, seen below.


You'll now go to the account statement page to generate your account statements. On this page (seen below), you're able to view the account statement as it will be printed or emailed. When you're ready to send it to a patient, you'll find the new ''Email to Patient" button next to the print button.


Emailed account statements can be found in the communications area of the patient and in the communications tab.

As always, if you have questions or feedback, please reach out.

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    Andrew Che

    Great work guys. 

    Really happy with some of the new updates.

    Just one thing, will we be able to email to the address set in "email invoice to" field eventually?


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    Melanie Roberts

    This will be really useful.


    This is great functionality.

    Agree with Andrew's comment above would be great to be able to email direct to vet affairs, insurance companies etc instead of the patient.

    Also when creating a patient in the billing section if you could select a third party payer from the contacts section and this then auto populates with contact details (mailing address and email) rather then having to add manually everytime. This would tie in nicely with being able to send account statements for patient with third party payers via email direct from cliniko.

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    Yes please can we have the same functionality currently available for emailing invoices to address set up in 'email invoice to'  so that the statement can also go to this address rather than to the patient.

    IMO I am not sure that moving the statement functionality under patient details rather than with the invoices is an improvement. 

    many thanks lucy


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    John Colvin

    We've just added the ability to send account statements to a patient's "Email invoice to" address. For more information, you can read the release note

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    This is a great feature (although I did  have a minor panic when I couldn't find them on the invoices page!).

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