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So one of the changes we made with the recent appointment pop-up redesign is to rework the way "Patient Arrived" behaved.  We found a lot of you didn't like the extra clicks this caused.  As a result we've made a slight adjustment to the way Patient arrived to more closely match the old method.  Now when you open up the pop-up:


And then after you've selected either "Arrived" or "Did not arrive", the pop up will close.  Reopening it will look like this instead:


And you're able to click "Arrived" to remove the flag from the appointment.

Thanks to all who provided feedback!

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    Vellore Chiropractic & Wellness Centre

    Thanks for this! It is much more streamlined this way. And thanks for getting to it so quickly!! 

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    Dang.  I really liked the previous "new" version.  We take payments from clients on their way into an appt, so it was really slick to hit the "arrive" button and have the pop-up remain open to immediately create an invoice.  The old old method and this new one requires us to reopen the popup. Can we take a vote?  :-)

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    Dr. Gordon Winter

    Could there be an option to jump straight to patient notes from the ARRIVED button?  It would be great for single person clinics without a receptionist.

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    Emily Gable

    Hi Gordon! Thanks for the idea. Just curious -- would this be mainly to save time, so you can get straight to treatment notes in one click? At the moment, if you click the patient's name from that pop-up, it'll bring you to to their details page, and then you can access the treatment notes from there. I'm just trying to understand what your workflow (both current and desired) are. Thanks!

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