Send SMS messages to all your patients

We just added the ability to SMS all your patients at once.  This is great if you need to let them know about a change of address or maybe a special offer you have.

You can also filter the list of patients that receive it by:

- Business location

- Practitioner

- Patients with no upcoming appointment booked

It's really easy to do, just go to the Communications tab and select the new Send SMS to patients button in the top right corner.



Not every patient will want to receive these messages, so we've added a Unsubscribe from SMS marketing option for each patient.  You can select this when editing a patient.

You'll also see their selection on the patient page, it looks like this.



Thanks as always for providing your feedback.


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    Melanie Roberts

    This is a great piece of functionality with so much potential. Are you going to enhance this feature to enable targeted SMS? By this I mean being able to specifically select say 10 patients and only email them?

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    Marie Formisano

    Good feature But Could it be applied to the  List of  Patients without upcoming appointments so that we could choose the patients we want to SMS?

    EG all those patients who haven't been in for 12months. Check the patient and send the SMS. 

    Good to have the Number of SMS credits and those you are using on the new form Thanks forward thinking.



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    Ian Lawson

    There's no way to know if messages haven't been delivered, is there? Much like a bounced email to an old address? Many mobile numbers on our list have probably changed without us knowing, so it'd be good to know which ones have "bounced" so to speak.

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    Ian Lawson

    And could you add a character counter under the message box? I'd want to make sure we weren't going over the 160 character limit if we were sending several hundred messages out. 500 messages x 160 characters = 500 credits, but 500 messages x 161 characters = 1000 credits. 

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    Joel Friedlaender

    @Melanie, the targetting will be by the filters like you see there.

    @Marie, you can filter it by patients without upcoming appointments already.  We're going to add more filters like "have been in within 12 months".

    @Ian, all messages will be logged in the communications tab and will show if sent or not.  We don't know "delivered" but we will get "failed" if the SMS provider can not send it properly (eg. malformed number).

    @Ian, it shows how many credits will be used for your message, per message and in total.  That was instead of the counter.

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    Andrew Hoge

    Hi Guys,

    Love where you are going with this.  Great to have it integrated with Birthdays for example - do the birthday report and then say email all the people in the report or have a search function by more fields on the patient search screen (e.g. dob, health fund provider (if that was stored), time since last appt etc) and then use that result to generate the ams list - maybe I'm building a mini mail chimp there!!

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    John Colvin

    We've added date filtering to this feature. You can read a little about it in this update.

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    Rhys Donovan

    Is it possible to automatically unsubscribe patients from SMS marketing when they text back 'STOP'? I've just sent out a campaign to 5000 patients....some who haven't been in the clinic in 6 years so inevitably i'm getting quite a few texts back saying 'STOP'. It's going to take a while to manually unsubscribe these patients. 

    Other than that, great feature! Really useful to see live updates in the communications tab & know exactly who has been sent the text and record the replies from those who text back.

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    Jim Sadusky

    Hey Rhys,

    Our SMS provider handles "STOP" messages automatically, so once they message that they will no longer send SMS messages to them.  I'll need to see if there's a way to pass that information into Cliniko to reflect the change though.

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    Stuart Williams

    It would be great to have more options for the filtering of these messages. For example, I would like to SMS everyone who is booked in to see me tomorrow but I can't see how this is possible with the options available.

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    It seems that messages are sent multiple times to the same mobile number in some circumstances:

    1) If multiple members of a family are listed with the same mobile number, that mobile number will receive the message multiple times.

    2) If someone has their mobile number listed twice against their patient record (possibly with different format, e.g. with or without a leading 0) they receive the message multiple times.  

    Could you update the service to only send the message once to each mobile number? Receiving multiple copies makes it seem like spam to patients.

    It also seems that if a landline has been accidentally marked as a mobile number for a patient, the system attempts to send the patient a text using that landline number and marks the communication as "Sent" even though this message presumably fails. 

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    Emily Gable

    Hey Ryan, 

    Thanks for the detailed information you've just provided! We'd like to peek at your SMS logs to see if we can try to track down what's going on. If you're interested, feel free to open up a support ticket with us (you can contact us via this page or submit directly through this support site) and we can continue the conversation. 


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    Thanks Emily, have logged a ticket.


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    Hi guys, love this feature however if possible can we get an additional filter (as Stuart mentioned) of being able to message everyone booked in tomorrow? Would be great to remind them of renovations happening or if we have someone who is sick & we have an alternate practitioner looking after them.
    Thanks so much. :) Leona

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    Alex Green

    I know this thread is quite old now but I am really, really keen to have a filter that can process a date range.
    I don't want to message everyone without a future appointment who HAS been in within the last year or 6 months, I want to message everyone without a future appointment that HAS NOT been in within the last [date range that is adjustable].
    It seems like a wasted filter at this point. Its the people that haven't been for a while that need the reminder, not the person who was in last week but hasn't yet checked their diary to make their next appointment.

    Really keen to make this change ASAP. It's available in the reports section but that doesn't automatically feed into "send SMS to these patients" which would be really useful.


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