Forward patient SMS replies to your email

You can now forward patient SMS replies to a specified email address.  Previously you could only forward them to your phone as an SMS message.

Why is this great?

  1. Forwarding them as an SMS would cost you a SMS credit, forwarding them as an email is free.
  2. You can have them forwarded to an email inbox that your reception has access to.

To enable this, just head to Settings > SMS Settings and put your preferred email address in.



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    Ian Lawson

    This is brilliant. Negates the need (as discussed on another conversation thread somewhere else) for a notification to come up on the communications tab when a new message is received.

    Will all SMS's received go to the nominated email address, or only those that are a reply to an appointment reminder? I know the dashboard only shows SMS replies to appointment replies, and only for the practitioner who is logged in (ie. the dashboard doesn't show EVERY message, only ones pertaining to that practitioner).

    I assume this email address will receive all SMSs?

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    Joel Friedlaender

    Hi Ian,

    That's right, even SMS replies to one-off SMS you send will get emailed through.  Basically any replies Cliniko receives will be passed on there.


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    This is very useful. i will be more inclined to use the SMS functionality for appointment reminders with this new feature. 

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    Luke Anthony

    Reading this thread clarifies why it might go to one unified email address.

    For those of us who don't use a receptionist, it would be quite handy to have the option for incoming SMS replies to be forwarded through to the practitioners email that sent the outgoing SMS.

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