Appointment Time placeholders and more!

We've just released a number of changes!  

Firstly, there are now a number of extra placeholders for appointment times for your letters.

This could be useful for generating some useful letters to go out to your patients.

Secondly, we've made a few bug fixes.  Some clinics were reporting payments were getting synced into Xero with the incorrect date.  All payments synced to Xero will now have the correct date/time.

We've also fixed a bug on the appointment calendar.  If you had three practitioners with the same first name, their name was displaying with their last initial twice.  Their name is now displayed correctly.

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    this is a great feature, now I know we all have different requirements, but I have 2 contracts with DHB here, and one requires me to see the patient 3 times per year, and the other 4 times withina 12 month period, any chance of increasing appointment placements up to say 4, as we send out letters for all the appoinments for the following 12 month period?

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