Introducing Invoice Discounts

We are proud to announce the release of a new invoice discounts feature for Cliniko! From now on, when you create a new invoice or edit an existing one, you will see this new field in the form:


In that field you can enter a discount percentage between 0 and 100. Decimal numbers are allowed, so you can add something like a 7.5% discount to an item if you need. The invoice form updates in real time to show you the changes to price. Discounts are applied to an item's base price, and any taxes are calculated based on the discounted price.

Once discounts are added to an invoice, they can be seen in several places in the application.

The invoice display screen:


Invoice PDFs:


Revenue reports now show discounted amounts:



So do account statements:


And finally, invoice data exports also display discounts:


If you enabled Xero integration for your account, synchronizing an invoice with discounts will send the final amounts with discounts applied to Xero, so the final values on the Xero side will match those on Cliniko.

Enjoy the new feature, and let us know if you have any questions!

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    Joel Friedlaender

    I've enabled comments here.  We're keen to hear how this works for you.

  • Avatar
    Dr. Derek Lee

    Very nice Joel...will most definitely come in handy!

  • Avatar
    Daniela Osiander

    OMG LOVE IT! I had been waiting for this for a long time. So immensely excited it is here! Thanks so much, guys - good work :)))))

  • Avatar
    Daniela Osiander

    And only because your greedy clients always want more... If we could now have 'total amount' adjustable as well, as in, I enter the total price and Cliniko calculates the discount applied, that would be totally awesome!

  • Avatar
    Russell Cathcart

    Yes. A big help for me too. Now I don't necessarily set a patient as a concession just to give a discount on an item or service. Nice.

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    Rhys Donovan

    I agree it would be useful for Cliniko to work out the discount in reverse, by being able to enter in the total price for the treatment and then Cliniko work out what % that is. We have some $25 off vouchers floating around and with so many different prices for our various services, it makes for a lot of trial and error working out what the % discount is.

    Apart from that, great improvement!

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    Vellore Chiropractic & Wellness Centre

    Definitely a useful feature. Always bugged me having to change the actual price of the service if we were giving a discount - it's nice to show the client the value of what they are receiving. Also, I like having the discount feature in the reports to track the extent to which you are providing discounted services monthly. 


    Thanks for adding this feature!

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    Ian Lawson

    People have commented elsewhere but I thought I'd add it here too - is there a possibility to add the ability enter a discount as a fixed dollar amount, as opposed to a %?

  • Avatar
    Bec Mirtschin

    great idea. We too have $ values on our discounts so I think this would be a handy feature to have instead of just the % off ! Great work

  • Avatar
    Megan Laraia

    Can we have an interchange button between % and $ amount or can we select it somewhere in the background of the persons info to make it a $ discount instead of %. I think both are useful so to incorporate both somehow that doesn't require to much changing would be great!

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    Head2toe Health

    Hi guys... 

    I love the new discounting option.. it's working well for us.

    I have one request though please... I would like it so that when we discount something and the price is for example $1.16, that either it can round down automatically, or we can enter it manually in the final price and it adjusts back to show the pre GST amount - of course only when GST is part of the total. I am no good at maths, and to get the calculator out looks a bit shabby... so this would help me out :)


    Simone @ Head2Toe 

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    Brad Hiskins

    Great feature but I do agree with comments above that a straight dollar amount would save a whole lot of dithering about with % calculations at the front desk.  Especially when the % is currently is taken off the none GST amount, making the % change very difficult to calculate accurately.


  • Avatar
    David Peyton

    Agreed.  A straight currency amount would be ideal.

  • Avatar
    David Peyton

    Retaining the % would also be helpful

  • Avatar

    Yes great addition to have discounts. We would also much prefer set $ amounts for discounts. We are a cash practice here and percent discounts are a pain with rounding and dealing with small change etc.

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