New Power Receptionist Security Role

We've just released a very heavily requested change.  There is now a "Power Receptionist" role.

They can do everything a receptionist can do, and almost everything an administrator can do.  They won't see patient medical information still, can't export data and can't manage user accounts.

You can see all the specific details here


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    F johns

    Its great to see even more enhancements with Cliniko you guys are great. BUT... this does not solve our ongoing problem with permissions. 

    We require a role which is a practitioner but does not have access to:

    • Patients with Upcoming appointments (Feel this is data (includes email & mobile number) which could be copied out of system as long list)
    • Daily payments (Our practitioner do not need this & we don't want all to see revenue of all businesses)
    • Upcoming birthdays (includes email & mobile number) which could be copied out of system as long list)
    • Missed appointments

    Currently our practitioners are using the Cliniko with receptionist permissions due to these above issues. With receptionist permissions this also causes issues because our practitioners are not able to do letters to GP's etc. so I have to create them.

    If you could look into this that would be amazing.

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    Joel Friedlaender

    Hi Fergus,

    Thanks for the feedback.

    We'll be discussing this topic tomorrow.  I can't promise that means a change will soon follow, it depends how the discussion goes and what solutions we can find.  It does mean we want to solve this.


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    F johns

    Would be pretty amazing if you could stress the points for me, we are currently recruiting several new practitioners as we have the new clinic now, so would solve a few problems for us. It really would!

    Wishing you a good day and as always you guys are doing an incredible job!

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