New buttons

We've given Cliniko buttons an overhaul.

But why change the buttons?

There was a bit of inconsistency and a few too many button styles throughout the software, if we don't take action now then it could get messier. Some buttons had very subtly rounded corners, some were pill shaped. Colours used didn't match the Cliniko brand and weren't always consistent with function. Icons used on buttons were from a stock source and, though they have served their purpose, they were ready for a facelift. 

How have they changed then?

We have limited the number of styles to improve consistency and improved the code to help maintain it in the future.

Using the buttons should be a bit more friendly - they depress when clicked and some will display a loading state when busy to illustrate that an action is taking place.

We have created a custom set of simpler icons to use on the buttons.

We hope that this makes using Cliniko more pleasant and engaging.



(Old buttons on the left, new ones on the right)




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