You can now use the same email address in different Cliniko accounts

We just released a heavily requested change.  You can now use your same email address in multiple accounts.  There are a few ways this might be helpful, including:

- You work at multiple clinics that use Cliniko.  Now you can use your same email address to log in to all.

- You want to sign up for another free trial, but had already used your email address in a previous one.  No problem, just sign up again now.

- You're a virtual reception/call centre and have had to use multiple email addresses, one for each client.  Not any more!  Now use the same for all.

So... feel free to go to "My Info" in the top right corner of Cliniko (after clicking your name) and change your email address to your preferred one, even if it's been used elsewhere.


Also, if you use the login button of our website, it will now work like this:

1. Select Log in on the Cliniko website



2. Enter your email address and select Go



3. Choose the account you wish to log into.


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    Matthew Stewart

    Bugger! I wish I'd have known that yesterday, but then again the feature was released today! 

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