More font and design changes... based on your feedback

We had LOTS of feedback on our recent design and font update.  Most the feedback wasn't good.

Since then we've been discussing, theorizing, sulking and a whole bunch of coding.

We've taken your feedback on board, and made lots of minor adjustments that we think add up to a really big improvement.  We can't thank you enough for being so forthcoming with your opinions, it's what helps us make the software better.

It might seem like a bold statement on the back of our last release... but I think you're going to really like this change.  Here's a summary of what we did:

  • Reduced the font size slightly.
  • Reduced the line height of text (this is the amount of space above and below the text, separating the lines in a paragraph).
  • Changed the way comments are displayed on the dashboard to save on space and let you see more on a page.  Now the name and time posted are in line with the comment.
  • Reduced the spacing generally around the dashboard.
  • Reduced the spacing generally throughout Cliniko to make better use of the screen space.
  • Improved the fonts and font sizes used on the calendar.
  • Changed the font style in the navigation tabs to be clearer.
  • Improved the way treatment note paragraph boxes work.  Now they start quite small (so you can see more), but as you type in them, they expand so you don't need to scroll within the box.  We think this is a big improvement.
  • We also changed many paragraph boxes throughout the application to start small and grow as you type into them.
  • We "compacted" each page header (the one that sits under the main navigation) to give you more space on each page.
  • The patient page is more compact so you can see much more of it on your screen at once.

We think this change brings the good that we tried to do last time, but without the bad.

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    Stephen Anderson

    I feel for you guys, it is tough when you invest time and energy into creating something great and it's not loved by all. Good on you for taking onboard the comments and making changes based on the feedback. All in all I think it's much better. The calendar for me still feels like I'm reading a book with extra large font and before when it was smaller (probably the size of this text here) I could see my entire day without scrolling whereas now I need to scroll to see the last part of my day. I'd have to say that I still prefer the size and font of the calendar prior to the changes. Thanks again for all you hard work.

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    Stephen Anderson

    Just a comment in general...

    As Joel recommends not zooming out  I've taken to going to fullscreen mode (Control  Shift  F on my mac) and that gets everything to fit and seems to be a good balance.

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    I like the most recent changes to the recent update. And appreciate the time that your team spends listening to feedback and implementing changes suitable . I think it'll take a little getting used to, but the presentaiton feels "cleaner" again

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    Rhys Donovan

    Could you guys please consider changing the time stamps from things like "about 6 days ago" back to the precise date & time? Saying a message was posted roughly some time in the past is a bit useless to me when i'm trying to track something down of an exact date & time. 

    Specifically speaking, it's when a mistake is made by our virtual receptionist. They record all phone calls for us so i can find the mistake, it's just hard to find that recording when i don't know exactly when someone cancelled. Slightly off topic, in the missed appointments tab doesn't show any specifics on when a patient's appointment was cancelled either which would be useful to know for the same reason.



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