Bug Fixes - New Appointments and buttons

We've just released a few more fixes that should help out!  

If you've changed the appointment type on a new appointment, you may notice the name disappearing, or the wrong name appearing.  We've made some changes to the appointment page that should correct this fully.

We've also made a fix to Cliniko's buttons.  Many buttons (most noticeably the "Add File Attachment" Button) would not work when you click them in certain spots - requiring users to click multiple times to get it right.  We've made a big change to how the buttons are coded so that they should work the first time, every time.


We've turned off comments on this post.  People subscribe to this forum area to get our latest updates, but it can get quite noisy when there is a lot of chatter. We really appreciate your comments though, so please continue to make them in the ideas section here https://cliniko.zendesk.com/forums/20085058-Feature-Requests-Voting

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