All new online bookings!

We've just released one of our biggest updates ever.  It's a complete redesign of our patient online bookings.

It's now much easier for patients to use, looks great and works perfectly on all devices (eg. desktop, tablet or phone).

We really spent a lot of time on every little detail, we think you're going to really like the improvement.

What you need to do

Nothing.  If you already have online bookings enabled, it's just been updated for you.  If you haven't enabled it yet, then it won't affect you yet.

What you can do

You could add a description for each of your practitioners in Settings > Users and Practitioners.  This would appear in online bookings when a patient is choosing a practitioner.

You could also add a description for each appointment type.  This would appear in online bookings while a patient is choosing a service.

Lastly, there's a new option in Settings > Online Bookings to show the prices in online bookings.  It is defaulted to off to be consistent with how it was working before, so you'll need to turn it on if you want it.

Other Information

If you want to embed the online bookings into your own website (instead of linking to it with a button), then we have some information on how to do this here

We did also release a preview of this change recently, you can view the video below.

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    Phil Marshman

    This is flippin' sweet.

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    Philip Wulff

    Excellent update thanks guys.  Love the date/time & 'Remember Me' functions particularly. After trialling it with friends, we got this initial feedback:

    • the 'sticky note' Summary is great, but would be better positioned top-right where it's currently blank and likely to be more visible/appreciated
    • can a 'Back' button be included up the top as well as the bottom.?

    All in all, a much-appreciated initiative. Thanks+

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    Tyraus Farrelly

    Hi Guys,

    Yes great update!

    I agree with Philip's comments above.

    A few other improvements that would be great.

    1. Most importantly for me, a pop-up message when you hover over a date that is fully booked for that appointment type, letting patient know the status of that day, (no 1 hour appointments available or clinic closed for the day, etc).  Even better if say 1 hour appointments were not available to show other appointments that are, (no 1 hour appointments available, 2 half hour appointment's available at ___ & ___).  Currently patients don't know if the day is fully booked, clinic closed, particular practitioner note available, etc. 

    2. Highlight current/today's date.

    3. Eventually, a patient portal, where patients/clients can enter a unique id/password and change there appointment time prior to a pre-determined cut-off time or print an invoice from a previous treatment date, etc

    Thanks Guys!


  • Avatar
    Darlene Brown

    Fantastico Cliniko!

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