Xero integration now syncs payments

We just added payment syncing to our Xero integration. This is going to be a huge help to your bookkeeping.

See here https://support.cliniko.com/entries/22131120-Integrating-Cliniko-with-your-Xero-account for details on how it works and how to set it up (it takes about 1 minute).

For customers that have already integrated their Cliniko account with Xero, be aware that you need to set up your payment account in Settings > Integrations before your payments will start synchronising.



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    Terry Wharton



    Thanks for ths sync for payments.  Started using it today and have come across a glitch. 

    When accepting payments in Cliniko, I receive payments for more than one invoice from patients.  It appears that when the payment, in Cliniko, covers more than one invoice that the first payment is being transferred to Xero, But,  the other payments in the group are not.  Therefore the totals in Xero do not match the totals in Cliniko.  Am I doing something wrong or is this in need of a fix.  Would appreciate your response.  Thanks  Terry 

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    Bruno Pinto

    Hi Terry,

    What you are doing is correct and every invoice should be receiving their respective share of the payment. Could you open a support ticket in order to give me more details? Like the payment number on Cliniko that had this problem and the details of what was pushed to Xero?

    Thanks for reporting.


    P.S.: I've noticed that a couple of hours ago the payment sync was taking longer than usual to complete. Could you confirm that your payments were still not pushed?

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